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Çalışma Örnekleri

Hayat değiştiren keşiflere örnekler. Siz de bugün hayatınızı değiştirin.

Şimdiye kadar 370.000’den fazla test gerçekleştirmiş olmaktan dolayı şanslıyız ve müşterilerimizden fazlasıyla olumlu yorumlar aldık. Aşağıda hayatları olumlu yönde değiştiren pozitif keşiflerin bazılarına yer verdik.

Bazı kullanıcı görüşleri netlik ve uzunluk yönünden düzenlenmiştir.

Sindirim Problemleri:

Sarah, 19

My doctor wanted to give me an invasive operation to find out why I couldn’t put weight on but my mum found Test Your Intolerance online so we sent off a test quickly. The results were back within 7 days and showed us lots of things that I had been eating. We followed the eating plan and with their suggestions, put weight on… finally! Very happy, thank you.


The company were always at hand to answer any questions. I decided to have food intolerance tests done after years of digestion problems, for example IBS. I found I was intolerant to millet and oats so all those years of eating granary bread had to go. Also, deficient in Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Potassium so I now take supplements. I cannot believe the difference in my symptoms from cutting the grains out. I always presumed it was wheat and milk but these foods are okay. I highly recommend this company and amazed at their costs to give such fantastic benefits.

Migren ve Baş Ağrıları:

Christopher, 36

Working in offices means I have to look at screens under bad lighting a lot so my glasses prescription has steadily increased to combat my headaches. I didn’t want to go onto medication so looked online for a suggestion and saw it could be intolerances so used Test Your Intolerance. The results told me to cut out sugar which initially I laughed at, but I have and I honestly feel amazing. I’ve lost weight (obviously) and don’t get headaches anymore.

Vicki, 45

I’m Vicky and I’ve been ill for as long as I can remember. The worst thing for me was the headaches, which never seem to stop. I got them at school, I get them at work and they stop me from functioning. My mum got me a test for Christmas (weird I know!) and I sent it off. The test showed me that I had an intolerance to cats, and I have always had cats! I tried a prolonged period away and my headaches went, so at least I now know what the problem is!

Patricia, 55

Test Your Intolerance testine kadar günlük baş ağrılarım oluyordu. Bir an önce saç teli numunelerimi yolladım ve onların planını izledim. Artık baş ağrılarım olmuyor ve şimdiden daha iyi hissediyorum.

Yorgunluk ve Halsizlik:

Pauline, 25

I was diagnosed with fatigue and had to take time off from work, which when I work for myself, means no chance to earn. I needed a quick solution so looked online and found Test Your Intolerance and sent in a hair sample for all my family. I was found to have a gluten intolerance which I have no cut out and feel much better. Thank you.

Alan, 65

I was fed up with needing to sleep a lot so I saw the doctor who said I wasn’t getting the right vitamins. I wanted to know what I needed so got a test and that said to get more fruits. I have changed my diet and I feel more awake already, thank you Test Your Intolerance, your test removed the guesswork.

Eklem Ağrıları:

Amy, 37

Hi, I’m Amy and I found Test Your Intolerance through Google after looking for answers to my inflamed joints. I was told that it might be a food intolerance so sent off a hair sample and the results showed I was intolerant to all sorts of nuts. I’ve cut them out and they have improved dramatically. No other test came close to this accuracy.

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